Tianhe Chemicals grew out of Yixian Fine Chemicals Factory which started business in 1992;in 1998,Liaoing Tianhe Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. was established, with the registration capital of RMB100,000,000...

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Address of General Manager

"Although the lucky chances are given by Heaven, the great successes must be achieved by Man." Tianhe Chemicals was established in 1992, during China’s reform & opening-up, developed alongside China’s rapid economic growth and development, and has transformed its business during the last 20 years from weak to strong, from mediocre to great...

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Corporate Vision

To become the most competitive Chemical Industry Group
To provide humanity with a more joyful, convenient and healthy life...

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Management Team

Our leading team is rich in experience of business operation and management.

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Good organizational structure is the foundation of a successful business management, understand our organization.

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We are in a leading position in China’s fine chemical industry with the advantage of R&D, cost, management and market.

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Corporate Culture

The spirit of Tianhe’s corporate culture is to be people-oriented, perseverant, self-motivated and committed to creating a better life for humanity.

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Social Responsibility

As a group company with a strong sense of mission and responsibility, Tianhe Chemicals always actively fulfills its social responsibility, undertakes a series of public responsibilities and obligations of promoting economy, observing laws, paying attention to ethics and advocating public welfare based on universal values, makes efforts to benefit the society.

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Jinzhou DPF-TH
Chemicals Co., Ltd

Jinzhou DPF-TH Chemicals Co., Ltd was established in 2007. Its main products include lubricant additive components, packages, and special fluorides.

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Hengtong Fluorine
Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Hengtong Fluorine Chemicals Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tianhe Chemicals Group, which was established in August, 2004, and specialized in fluorine chemicals.

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North China
Petrochemicals Co., Ltd.

The company was established for the project of Group II, and Group III lubricant base oils with an annual output of 600,000 metric tons, and the project of fluorinated lubricant ...

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Sino Asia Petrochemicals
& Technology Co., Ltd.

Sino Asia Petrochemicals & Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, covering an land area of 700,000 square meters...

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Product Purchase and Consulting
Lubricant additives & Fluorides
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Working hours
08:30-17:00 [Mon-Fri]

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