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Dear Friends:

“Although fortune is given by Heaven, the great successes must be achieved by Man.” Tianhe was born from the tide of reform and opening up, developed in the sea of market economy, from weak to strong, from mediocre to great. Behind the every step of Tianhe’s growth there is the hard work of our people, especially the creative research and development work of our technical experts. At the same time it’s also inseparable from our customer’s care and society’s support and love.

The development of fluorocarbon and its derived product by Tianhe in recent years brought revolutionary changes to the company and will dramatically improve the apparel industries and coating industries in China. The development of Long chain linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid and its sulfonate filled the blank in domestic market, which brought a new generation of high quality lubricating oil additives to the Chinese market.

Tianhe team will always behave on a firm footing and work diligently to serve our customers with our best products and services, to benefit our country and society. Tianhe will always be enterprising and innovative with the spirits of pursuing excellence.

Thanks to the community and friends from all walks of life!

Tianhe Chemicals Group
Chairman WEI Qi


Product Purchase and Consulting
Lubricant additives & Fluorides
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08:30-17:00 [Mon-Fri]

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