Social responsibility

Pay attention to the environmental protection and advocate green production
Chemical industry creates unprecedented tremendous wealth for mankind, meeting people’s increasingly higher requirements for production and life. Also, the natural environment is essential for human survival, so our development should not and cannot be at the expense of the environment.
Tianhe Chemical adheres to the concept of living with the nature harmoniously on environmental protection, and accomplishes the development and utilization of new technologies through the technical communications with international experts, with the goal of sustainable development of enterprise, greatly improving the energy efficiency, highlighting the scale economy effect, creating a resource-saving, environment-friendly and safe production-oriented enterprise, and building a green chemical production group.

Integrity First, Responsibility Like A Mountain
Integrity and responsibility are always the powerful motivation for us to establish on the social for sound development.

Humanitarian Aid, Public Service Activities with Love
Tianhe Chemicals takes an active part in the social activities for public good. The company donates salvage money and clothing and other articles for daily use to the earthquake stricken area and public benefit aid groups successively; calls for the employees to join the blood donation without payment; supports the “Donation and offering love conveniently” activity spontaneously initiated by staffs, and helps people in straitened circumstances, etc. Those activities make the social vulnerable groups feel the warmness of Tianhe people, and are also a visual performance to contribute to the society of Tianhe Chemicals group.


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