R&D Advantage
Tianhe Chemicals Group, founded in 1992, has discovered and participated in an attractive industry with a high barrier to entry, which also has great strategic significance for China. With the advantages of first mover, Tianhe has become a leading player in the fields of lubricant additives and specialty fluorides. Tianhe has been improving Research and Development strength of its own by employing well-known experts from China and abroad to develop advanced technology and product processes.
Through the tireless efforts from technical personnel, Tianhe has independently developed dozens of products with newest level at home and abroad, including lubricant additives such as CD, CF-4 diesel engine oil packages which have passed all the engine tests in one stroke; long-chain linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid; sulfurized calcium alkylphenate series detergent products; long-chain linear alkyl benzene sulfonates series by one-step process (including low chloride products); ashless dispersants series by thermal adduction process; phenolic ester type anti-oxidants; T501 type of anti-oxidant and etc; specialty fluorides such as TI, TFE, TESH (fluorine-containing surfactant and fire-extinguishing foam), SP (fluorine-containing fabric finishing agents), TFxSiR (fluorine-containing silane and paint), TFESA (lithium-ion batteries and oil refining catalysts), HCF and special products (eyedrops, cosmetics and wear-resistant paint), which are all free of PFOA and PFOS. Tianhe Chemicals safeguards our valuable intellectual property through confidentiality agreements and patent protection. Tianhe has 120 different patents and proprietary technologies so far. Tianhe will increase our usage of patents, following our entry into new product fields and overseas markets.

Company advantages
The company has formed a long- term and mutual trust cooperative relationship with the industry leading blue-chip companies in China and abroad.
The company has become a long- term mutual trust supplier for the industry leading blue-chip companies in China.
The company has provided products for the industry leading blue-chip companies worldwide through intermediary agents, with our products being exported to Europe, North America, Middle East and Southeast Asia.
The company has built up a close cooperative relationship with customers by providing technical support and joint development.
Part of our product standards has become the national industry standard.

Cost advantage and high-efficiency operating platform
Our replacements for imported products have distinct price advantage compared with the imported products. Long-term cooperative relationship with suppliers can enjoy more favorable prices of raw materials.
We have first-class production facilities and we strictly abide by the world-class production standards.
Superior management system and raw material sample evaluation and testing.
Advanced production facilities and production management which meets international standards.
Integrated system of inventory, storage and production.
Approved for corresponding ISO technical and quality management certification and safety production & health management certification.

Market advantage
With twenty-year production experience in fine chemicals industry, Tianhe Chemicals has grown into a leading company in China’s fine chemicals industry after twenty years’ effort. Tianhe Chemicals has long been serving large chemical enterprise at home and abroad. We have established business throughout the world and enjoyed good business reputation and customer relations by providing high quality products and services.

Management advantage
The Company has an international management team with the spirit of innovation and professional managerial experience.


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