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Recruitment channel and method

Talent recruitment and reserves are essential for Tianhe’s overall operation and management and are directly related to the core competitiveness of Tianhe’s development. Tianhe Group has been committing to attracting, training and assigning the advanced talents as well as making communication of them. This work has always been of great importance in the past ...

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Recruitment Procedure

We will read each resume from every applicant carefully, and based on the basic information described in the resume we will make judgment about whether the applicant matches with basic requirement of position.Applicants passing the resume screening will receive an interview notice within 2-3 days. During the Interview, we will introduce our enterprise as well as ...

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Fluorinated coating & resin specialist
Petroleum additive R & D specialist
Additive package formulation research specialist

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Product Purchase and Consulting
Lubricant additives & Fluorides
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Working hours
08:30-17:00 [Mon-Fri]

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