Recruitment Procedure

1. Candidate Resume Screening
We will read each resume from every applicant carefully, and based on the basic information described in the resume we will make judgment about whether the applicant matches with basic requirement of position.

2. Preliminary Interview (First Interview)
Applicants passing the resume screening will receive an interview notice within 2-3 days. During the Interview, we will introduce our enterprise as well as the recruitment position in detail and make simple communication with applicants. We will ask targeted questions to learn more about the applicants and provide preliminary comments accordingly.

3. Information Screening (Determination of candidates qualified for written test)
Following resume screening and preliminary comments, HR department will determine a list of candidates for our written test and inform the candidates to take part in the test within 3 working days.

4. Written Test (test will include both parts of basic and professional qualities)
According to the requirements for the different positions, we will evaluate the cultural level, professional background, practical operation skills as well as abilities in logic, analysis, judgment etc. We believe that the written exam will help us get better understanding on the overall abilities and personal qualities of candidates. After written test, HR will organize evaluation teams based on different positions to evaluate the candidates’ test paper in order to identify who will enter into the final interview. The finalists will be informed within 3 working days to participate in the last round of interview.

5. Final Interview
After passing the preliminary interview and written test, candidates will be invited for the final interview which is the most crucial part in the whole recruitment process. In this interview, the interviewer and interviewee will have a mutual face to face observations and communication which allows us to further understand the candidate’s qualities, ability characteristics and motive to join. This does not only allow us to understand more about the candidate’s basic knowledge but also their abilities, intelligence and psychological characteristics. After the interview, based on the overall performance of the candidate we will issue an evaluation recommendation to the employer department. After consultation we will make the decision on whether to send the offer to the candidate and deliver our decision to the candidates on time.

6. Clarification Interview
After making our hiring decision, under certain circumstances, we may need to invite the candidate again for anther “interview” to address different hiring matters, including:

a. Salary and benefits;
b. Employment conditions: additional requirements such as providing certificates for physical fitness or qualifications etc.;
c. Problems regarding to workplace changing;
d. Business traveling matters;
e. Hiring period;
f. Training period;
g. Report date for duty;
h. Others.

7. Entry
After completion of the clarification interview, HR department will issue an “Offer (or trial offer)” and start to handle the relevant entry procedures.


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