Recruitment channel and method

Talent recruitment and reserves are essential for Tianhe’s overall operation and management and are directly related to the core competitiveness of Tianhe’s development. Tianhe Group has been committing to attracting, training and assigning the advanced talents as well as making communication of them. This work has always been of great importance in the past, present and future development of the company. In the whole recruitment process of Tianhe Group, it is particularly important in establishing recruitment channels and selecting recruitment ways. The talents enlisted by various recruitment channels may show diverse characteristics and differences due to their different social background and survival factors. In their future post of duty, their performances and development will be of more hierarchical. Therefore, in order to meet the diversified development strategy of Tianhe Group, we have adopted a combination of diverse recruitment channels and different recruitment ways to establish the talent pool for supporting the future development of the company.

Recruitment Channel

Social Recruitment
Social recruitment is a popular way of recruitment for enterprises to hunt talents as well as for talents to find a job. It provides us with a multi-faced, multi-category, multi-post and multi-skilled talent support. Our recruitment activity is based on various social recruitment platforms such as internet, media, and talent market and so on to meet the talent requirements of Tianhe Group. An extensive level of social recruitment brings Tianhe with lots of ideas, diversity and a broader field of vision.

Campus Recruitment
Thousands of students graduate from universities and colleges every year. With the rapid development of market economy and modernization of enterprise management mode, Tianhe pays more attention to campus recruitment. The fresh graduates from universities and technical colleges are generally of young age with high academic qualification, good basic quality and strong personal ability. Although being lack of working experience relatively, they are extremely strong in plasticity for future cultivation. When these persons start into post of duty, they can adapt to the post and master the business and skills rapidly. Now, campus recruitment is an important way for Tianhe to absorb fresh blood in order to enhance the talents competitiveness of enterprise.

Elite Recruitment
Elite recruitment is a kind of recruitment approach which looks for talents who can meet the specified requirements of enterprise in a short term. It is characterized as fast, initiative and directional to find the right person in the reserved talent pool of the industry by virtue of the enterprises’ influence. The advantage is that the elite recruited by elite recruitment generally have rich experience, strong post adaptability and sense of teamwork and can meet our post requirements rapidly. This approach is mainly suitable for the recruitment of senior management and talents with special skills.

Entrusted Training
In view of employment requirements for some special positions and long-term strategic planning of the enterprise, we adopt the directional entrusted talent training method both internally and externally to meet the requirement of Tianhe’s future development. This kind of recruitment method with greater flexibility and controllability can provide employees with a platform to increase their professional skills rapidly and a long-term career planning. This approach of recruitment is suitable for special position, special talents or under special conditions.

Recruitment Method

We will hold regular job fairs or set recruitment booths at all levels of talent markets. If you have learned of or attended our recruitment activities before, welcome to communicate with us and send your resume at any time. We will also post recruitment information occasionally in various recruiting websites and media advertisements. Please pay attention to the HR column on the company website so as to get related recruitment information.

We will organize talent exchange meeting and special recruitment meeting occasionally in various universities and colleges. The latest recruitment information will be updated in the Company’s main website ( on time for your checking at any time.

HR department will organize an internal career fair in the headquarters of Tianhe on the second Sunday of each month. At that time, the internal job vacancy information will be provided; company employees can apply for a position through internal competition based on their own conditions. Meanwhile, social recruitment will be held on each Tuesday afternoon. If you are interested in our positions, please find the job information on our website ( and communicate with us by submitting resume online or posting your information to us.


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