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Enthusiasm for Field Management Work Sustains in Additive Plant

      As the highlight of field management activities in additive plant, the 7SEA “Strict Supervision Season” activities have moved to a successful ending, but the enthusiasm for field management work has never been reduced.
      The additive plant has carried out a series of support activities, which have been proved very successful by the outstanding improvements achieved by each workshop in the 7SEA “Strict Supervision Season” activities. In order to keep the achievements, the management of additive plant has called for everyone to persist in the work of field management, which is advocated by workers from all workshops. Each workshop has held meetings with leaders above shift leader to emphasize the significance of field management and the importance of carrying out activities. In the meeting it was also required that each workshop should keep the good practices acquired during “Strict Supervision Season” and prosecute the spirit of “Strict Supervision Season” to the end. A unified understanding has formed among all employees: though the “Strict Supervision Season” activity ended the plant management should not be slacked.
      Now, employees not only clean and keep the control room in perfect order but also spend 10 minutes cleaning the production site after shifting duty. This move has changed the employees from “passive action” to initiative behavior for a better site management and kept the field management in additive division at a high level all the time.
      Some employees said that whenever they go on a tour of inspection, they will readily clean wherever is dirty, which makes the cleaning work during shift faster.
Some said that they felt very pleasant with the tidy working environment in the field. And they can finish our work better in such a happy mood.
      From midsummer to severe winter, the enthusiasm of the “Strict Supervision Season” activity has not faded. The production area is always kept in a clean and tidy condition.

Written by Ji Ting


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