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Staffs in R&D Center Taking English Exams

   Translation department has organized an English proficiency test for R&D center staffs in order to enhance the English ability of the R&D center staff and evaluate the effectiveness of the regular training. All the staffs in R&D center have participated in the exam.

   Based on previous training content, and combined with proper nouns and terminologies from oil industry and daily applications, the closed book exam has adopted forms like listening, conversation and writing to objectively and truly reflect the English level of our R&D center staff.

   The staffs of the R&D center not only feel the stress, but also gain the learning motivation through regular English trainings and ability tests, which effectively stimulates the staffs to study and improve their English ability.

   Staff training is necessary for the employee’s development and company’s growth. The training will improve the operational capability and position competency of our staffs and so as to enforce company’s competitiveness.

Written by Ji Ting


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