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2014 Chemical Industry Status Report Issued by MIIT

      In the face of the complex and volatile macro-economic situation in 2014, chemical industry steadily carried out transformation and upgrading, made a steady rise in production and obtained a very strong export sales. Generally speaking, the market supply and demand was stable, and there was a positive progress on energy conservation and emission reduction.

      In 2014, annual added value of chemical industry accumulatively increased year-on-year by 10.4%, which made up 6.8% of national industry. Most industries achieved different degrees of growth. Industrial main business income was 8.8 trillion RMB, which increased year-on-year by 8.2%, profit was 431.26 billion RMB, which increased by 0.33%, profit percentage was 4.9%. Export still maintained a sound tendency. Annual import of chemical industry was 186.48 billion dollars, which increased year-on-year by 0.6%; export was 162.1 billion dollars, which increased by 11.1%. Therein, organic chemical material and synthetic material respectively imported 55. 3 billion dollars and 72.36 billion dollars, which totally occupied 68.5% of chemical industrial import; export of rubber products was 52.3 billion dollars, which increased by 9.2% and occupied 32.2% of chemical industrial export. Export of chemical fertilizer products was 29.594 million tons, which increased by 52.4%; export of pesticide was 1.161 million tons, which increased by 6%.

      In 2014, chemical industry completed fixed-asset investment of 1.56 trillion RMB, which increased year-on-year by 10.5%, newly started projects were 10714, which increased by 2.5%. Therein, driven by better benefit of earlier stage, the investment of organic chemical raw material, pesticide, forest chemicals, pollution abatement chemicals kept higher speedup, which respectively increased year-on-year by 18.4%, 28.7%, 21.7% and 19.3%.

      For the first three quarters of 2014, chemical industry consumed 421 kg standard coal for every 10 thousand RMB revenue, decreased by 3.6% over the same period of previous year. Among those, ethylene, caustic soda, calcium carbide and yellow phosphorus comprehensively consumed standard coal of 816.6 kg, 373kg, 991.6kg and 3047.9kg separately for one ton production, declined by 2.2%, 3.2%, 4.4% and 5.5% separately; synthesis ammonia comprehensively consumed 1348.7kg standard coal per ton, basically the same year on year.

      In 2015, the world economy continues to mildly revive and the adjustment of international energy resource structure continues. China's economic and social development has entered into a new normal condition. The demand of downstream market has slowed down; new environmental protection regulations have become more stringent; and industry development has been facing with many challenges. Meanwhile, the deepening of a series of comprehensive reforms from the central government will further stimulate the vitality of the market. In-depth advancing of industrialization, information technology, urbanization, and agricultural modernization is on-going. The full implementation of the strategies of "One Belt And One Road ", joint development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province, Yangtze River Economic Belt, will bring new opportunities for the development of the industry. It is expected that in 2015, the chemical industry's main business income will be about 9.5 trillion RMB with a year-on-year increase of 8% enjoying a profit of 470 billion RMB, with an increase of 7%.

      In 2015, the chemical industry will continue to improve in the aspects of strengthening strategic planning’s guidance, regulating the development of the chemical industry, promoting the traditional chemical transformation, vigorously implementing innovation-driven, promoting the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, enhancing the close cooperation with downstream industries and etc., and promote the sustainable development of the industry.

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