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Double Driven By Prospects and Technology Speed Up the Reshuffle of Specialty Fluoride Market

      Recently, with the spring-up of environmental protection and new energy industry, fine chemical materials, represented by specialty fluorides have gained more and more attention. Fluorides have become a kind of indispensible and critical new chemical materials, for its broad variety, excellent performance and close relevance to other industries.

      After more than 50 years’ development, China’s fluorinated chemicals industry has developed into four major product categories, including fluorocarbon hydrocarbons, inorganic fluorides, fluoropolymers and fluorine-containing fine chemicals. But most of the domestic enterprises can only provide primary raw materials. It is reported that the value of ordinary fluorite after refining will increase by 6 to 8 times. After further treated with fluoro monomers and fluoro copolymers to become specialty fluoride, its value will even increase by 500 to several thousand times.

      Tempted by good market prospect, all capital sources itch to try their luck. But a survey from China Petrochemical Association indicated that fluorinated chemical industry is facing a market reshuffle caused by lack of technology. “The development target of fluorinated chemical industry is mid-tier and high tier market,” one expert from China Fluorine and Silicon Organic Materials Industry Association told us.

      Tianhe Chemicals Group is the largest specialty fluorinated chemicals manufacturer in China and also the only manufacturer who has normal temperature & pressure telomerization technology without PFOA and PFOS (a carcinogenic fluoride at high temperature) in the products globally.

      Tianhe Chemicals has a first-class research and development team with more than 20 national patents and a number of reserved technologies. There are more than 160 kinds of specialty fluoride products used in textile, electronics, automobile and other fields. In addition to anti-fingerprint agent and surfactant products, Tianhe Chemicals will spend more efforts in blood substitutes, medical imaging, supercomputer refrigerating fluids, etc.

      It is reported that the market value of the global specialty fluoro chemicals in the year of 2013 is 9 billion US dollars, among which, 33% was contributed by China market. By 2018, this figure will reach 14.3 billon US dollars, and 43% will be contributed by China market. Experts from chemical industry indicated that in the coming five years, the growth rate of China specialty fluoro chemicals market will reach 15.6%. On one hand, we need to raise industry access threshold to restrain low-level redundant development; on the other hand, we need to optimize inventory to speed up industrial convergence development, so as to constantly extend and improve industry chain.


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