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Improve the Product Competitive Advantage Internally and Externally

      With the constant rising of market requirements for higher product quality and the continuous improvement of professionalism, Tianhe Chemicals carried out its planned and targeted product quality improvement activities centered on its core advantage, which is the product performance.

      Recently, I have learnt from the Company’s R&D Department that the quality improvement work of their several lubricant additive products has achieved their phased objectives, with sulfurized calcium alkylphenate being one of them.

      Sulfurized Calcium alkylphenate is a kind of lubricant additive detergent, which provides good high temperature detergency, strong acid neutralizing ability and robust hydrolytic stability as well as outstanding anti-oxidation and anti-wear performance. It can be used for blending medium and high grade engine oils and high base number marine cylinder oils. When used for blending supercharged diesel engine oils, it can effectively reduce the carbon deposit on top of engine piston, increase engine running time and improve operational efficiency. Based on the improvement of product performance and inner quality, the R&D staff focuses on product appearance improvement. Good product appearance can directly reflect high quality of raw materials, advanced process and technology and better product quality and etc. At the same time, product color and purity can provide customers with most direct sensory feelings. World advanced lubricant additive products generally have lighter color and higher purity.

      R&D staff in Tianhe Chemicals carried out their product quality improvement work with a target of achieving the inner quality and appearance quality of advanced products worldwide, so as to improve product competitive advantage from inside to outside and covering both. After the improvement, both the appearance quality and inner quality of the company’s sulfurized calcium alkylphenate product have reached the international advanced level. Not only does this product meet the requirement for blending top grade lubricants, but also offer better user experience, which has provided a powerful support for company’s sulfurized calcium alkylphenate product to capture and expand in the high-end market.


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