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Enjoying the Natural Landscape by Visiting Bashang Grassland --- Staff Tourism Organized by Tianhe Group

      In the early morning of the last weekend of July, around 200 Tianhe staff and their family members started their journey to the national AAAA tourist attraction — Saihanba National Forest Park in 5 buses.

      Saihanba National Forest Park, characterized as “ecological, royal and folkloric”, is the largest forest park and a famous tourist resort in the northern part of China. In the park, there are various characteristic and distinct landforms, such as forest, grassland, river, lake, mountain land, plateau, hill and moorland, etc. The landscape of forest and grassland are different in four seasons, which are honored as “the source of river, the hometown of cloud, the world of flowers and the ocean of forests”.

      In Saihanba, midsummer is the rare frost-free season and also a peak tourist season. A wild profusion of vegetation makes Saihanba a boundless expanse of green blanket of flowers like blue Forget-Me-Not, white Babysbreath, yellow Corn Poppy, etc. even adorn the green blanket as a piece of finely knitted brocade, which is really colorful and beautiful.

      Walking through the long wooden trestle in the Qixing Lake to appreciate the clearness, softness, calmness and beauty of lake water; breathing the fresh air in the natural oxygen bar to enjoy the beautiful life. At the source of the Luanhe River with beautiful grass and perfumed flowers, we can pray sincerely under the wishing tree for a blessing to our family and ourselves. Rafting in the Moon Lake to see the dancing butterflies and swimming fishes; traveling by off-road vehicle into the prairie heartland and passing through the “Prairie Heaven Road”, we can stretch arms in the gentle wind and oversee the magnificent mountains and rivers from the natural hanging garden.

      During the campfire party, all Tianhe staff and their family members enjoyed singing & dancing and also tasted the unique flavor of the prairie---roast whole lamb,the grassland was echoed with happy cheers and laughter. Sweet songs and graceful dancing pushed the campfire party to the climax one after another.

      After the two days and one night grassland trip, everyone came back truly happy and satisfied. We not only feasted our eyes on the beautiful natural scenery, but also enjoyed the delicious food from grassland. We harvested happiness and also sowed the seeds of friendship. We will sincerely show gratitude to the company and willing to work hard and make contribution for the development of Tianhe Group.

Written and pictured by Ji Ting


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