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Employees Response Positively to the Planting Activity Organized by the Labor Union

      The labor union of the company will organize a series of planting activities with the purpose of improving the greening of company garden as well as providing a chance for the staffs to get in touch with mother nature.

      Activities are carried out based on voluntary application, after which staffs can chose plants varieties and buy seedlings by themselves. Labor union of the company will be responsible for integrated planning. The whole steps of seeding, watering, fertilizing, weeding and harvest during planting activities will be arranged by staff themselves.

      Through planting activity, staffs will get close to Mother Nature and acquire knowledge about planting as well as experience the happiness of reap as you sow.

      “The labor union provides us a good opportunity to get close to the nature by organizing this activity, as most of us seldom participated in planting before.”

      “We are looking forward to joining the activity. It is very interesting and attractive, as we can grow crops by ourselves and pick up the fruits in the future.”

      “It is a meaningful activity. Not only can it enhance collaboration but also promote communications among colleagues.”

      The activities got a positive response among the employees. So far, dozens of employees has signed up for it.

Written by Ji Ting


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