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Upgraded Packing Guarantees Transportation Safety

      The initiative of elaborate, well-targeted, and quantitative management by the company is deepened, refined, and continuously followed by the sales department through their entire work flow.

      The sales department keeps improving and optimizing the packaging for export products. Recently, the packaging of some products to be exported to America was upgraded after considering the long transport distance as well as the required transshipment during sea transportation. The packing drums were provided with exterior paper packaging after being fastened on pallets to improve their resistance against external forces such as impact, vibration, jounce, compression and friction during loading, shipping and storage. Through these efforts, potential issues like contamination and transformation of the packaging during long distance shipping can be effectively avoided.

      The thoughtful arrangement of the sales staff has brought unexpected surprises to the overseas customer, who had visited the company. The company’s meticulous work on packaging and transportation, and its responsible attitude have won high praise from customers. (Picture Source: Sales Department)

By Ji Ting


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