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Improve Auditing Level, Complete Tax Declaration

      According to the unified deployment of National Tax Bureau, the e-tax Bureau has been officially launched online in Liaoning. As a general taxpayer, Tianhe Chemicals actively cooperates with this development, and completes its tax declaration in the upgraded operating system.

      In order to improve the business knowledge in a timely manner, the internal audit department has organized theoretical knowledge learning and discussions on the problems encountered during the declaration process for the employees and has also invited a professional manager from the tax bureau to answer questions. The upgraded version is not a simple combination and integration of the original tax declaration systems, but with new knowledge points being added to enrich the reporting process. Via system learning and on-line practice, the employees have captured main operation points and precautions to take of the new tax report system, aligned the old services with the new ones, achieved complementary advantages and scientific configuration, and improved their professional skills. Not only has this activity enabled the team complete tax declaration on schedule, but it has also laid a foundation for the company to conduct pre-audit consultation, to provide real-time guidance, and to better safeguard the implementation of whole process follow-up auditing.

By: Ji Ting


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