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No.1 Branch Factory Actively Carried Out Greening Activities

      Early summer.

      The peaches, plums and the willow sprouts begin to bloom.

      A “greening” activity at No.1 branch factory is in full swing.

      In the nursery to the south of the factory, we can see employees working in the fields. No.1 branch factory has organized employees to transplant trees in their spare time, to further expand the green area of the factory.

      Withstanding with the wind and sand, employees selected nursery stocks from nurseries that meet the planting specifications, remove the main rhizome in good condition, and cut off the long branches and leaves on the trunk, to facilitate transportation and planting.

      The leaders said that No.1 branch factory has always paid attention to the greening activities and environmental protection. Planting trees will further expand the greening area, provide a better work and learning environment for employees, and achieve the company’s development goals.



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