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Tianhe Chemicals Launched Workplace Safety Inspection in Winter

      Recently, Tianhe Chemicals has launched a campaign for Workplace Safety Inspection in Winter to put in place the safety production plan for the whole year and ensure smooth company operation.

      The inspection focused on the preparation, introduction and implementation of workplace production safety by every workshop and department of all production branch factories.

      Leading groups for the safety production inspection at both company level and branch factory level were set up. The inspection groups, led by factory leaders and with principal heads of each workshop and department as members, have carried out inspection in an orderly manner as per the Plan for Workplace Safety Inspection in Winter.

      The sealing of heating system through pressure tests, the insulation and heat tracing in production areas, and the anti-freezing and anti-flocculating of outdoor systems as part of safety production preparation works were inspected; examination and acceptance was carried out to check on the learning outcomes for the teachings and trainings organized with a focus on the related safety production procedures based on different production characteristics of each workshop, and the physical and chemical properties of raw materials; the implementation of the safety production plan in winter was inspected, and soundness of the patrol inspection system at each anti-freezing point was checked.

      Through this campaign, potential safety dangers have been thoroughly investigated, and immediate actions have been taken to correct the problems found in the inspection, which has improved workplace safety management, provided good conditions for production safety in winter, and ensured stable safety production situation. (Picture Source: No. 1 Branch Factory)

By: Ji Ting


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