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No. 1 Branch Factory Held a Special Meeting to Emphasize “Safety Responsibility Is More Critical than Anything”

      A few days ago, No. 1 branch factory held a special meeting to study the important instructions from General Secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang on the “3·21” explosion accident in Xiangshui, Jiangsu Province.

      The administrative staff from plant and workshop as well as key workers have attended the meeting.

      The meeting pointed out that the “Jiangsu 3.21 Explosion Accident” has caused heavy injuries and deaths, and gave us a profound lesson. This accident sounded an alarm bell for us, as we are also a chemical company. It urged us to pay more attention to safe production all the time, and we must never be too careless to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, ensure a continuous stable production and maintain a normal operation.

      Next, according to the overall deployment of the company, the No.1 branch factory will further carry out self-inspection of potential safety hazards, and the safety management department will conduct follow-up inspections and provide guidance on the implementation of such work.

      “Keep Alarm Bell Ringing” should not only be talked about, but also be put into practice in the actual work of employees; “Safety Production” should not only become a slogan on the wall, but also leave a mark in employees’ hearts.


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