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Tianhe R&D Center’s Chemical Element Determination Capacity Reaches International Level

      Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) is commonly used for chemical element determination. With high repeatability, reproducibility, precision and other distinctive advantages, ICP can analyze several elements at the same time quickly.

      Tianhe introduced German and American ICP equipment to meet its testing and production demands. Following ASTM test methods, the company can analyze dozens of elements such as aluminum, boron, barium, calcium, and chlorine. To prove its lab analytical capacity, Tianhe R&D center has been participating the Proficiency Testing Program organized by American Society Testing and Materials(ASTM) for years, and its ICP results always meet standard requirements. Tianhe’s lab is meeting international standards, and is comparable to the internationally recognized ones.

      With its first-class testing equipment and advanced test methods, Tianhe lab delivers accurate and prompt test data, which provide strong technical support to the company’s production and greatly ensure product quality to enhance competitive advantages and confidence in international markets.

By: Ji Ting


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