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Cross-check Helps Improve Safety Management

      With an earnest commitment to the spirit of the Notice on Safety Production Cross Check for Hazardous Chemicals and Fireworks and Crackers Manufacturers Across Liaoning Province issued by the municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, the Safety Management Departments of Tianhe Chemicals and Jinzhou Jinex Lubricant Additives Co., Ltd., have completed cross check on each other’s safety production recently.

      Focusing on safety production, the inspection covers eight items which involve measures, procedures, rules and operations, including safety production responsibility system and the implementation of rules and regulations, safety production training, major hazard source management, and safety management on special operations, etc. Both parties have summarized problems found in the inspection and exchanged safety management highlights.

      Safety production is among the top priorities for a company’s operation. The cross check on safety production organized by safety supervision department not only enables peer companies to inspect each other to keep the alarm bells of safety production ringing, but also helps different companies learn from each other and improve together to standardize and upgrade on-site safety production management.

Written by Ji Ting


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