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P-TEC90003, Tianhe Chemicals’ First SN Grade Product - Won Customers’ Favor

      As the largest manufacturer of lubricant additives in China, Tianhe Chemicals, with commitment on independent innovation, has striven to enhance its innovation capability by making more efforts and investing more in research and development work.

      Oriented by market demand, the research fellows in Tianhe Chemicals dived into studies by using the company’s good quality additive resources, made breakthroughs in core additives and compatibility, and eventually developed this API SN grade package product - P-TEC 90003, after the API SL package P-TEC 9100 had been launched to the market.

      P-TEC90003 is not only suitable for high tier API SN grade passenger car gasoline engine oils or light duty diesel engine oils, but also suitable for special high tier motorcycle gasoline engine oils, which meet JASO MA or MA2 and JASO MB performances.

      According to R&D team, they have always followed American Chemical Council (ACC) Code of Practice for their API SN research and development work. As per API Engine Test Guidelines, the samples of P-TEC 90003 have been evaluated in several internationally well-known standard laboratories like SWRI and etc. A series of core engine tests and bench tests have shown that P-TEC 90003 provides superior high temperature detergency, soot and sludge dispersancy and outstanding compatibility with exhausting system and rubbers. It can effectively prevent piston deposition at high temperature, and have a better control of sludge so as to prolong the durability of engine oil and engine parts. It can meet or even surpass API SN requirements. When top-treated with an in-house booster, it has shown good JASO MA/MA2 wet-type clutch friction ability, which meets or even surpasses the requirements of JASO MA / MA2 and JASO MB.

      The excellent additive and compatibility technology on top of the strict product quality management of Tianhe Chemicals not only ensure better performance and consistency compared with other products of same grade, but also enable the company to provide customized products as per customers’ specific requirements, through which the model of “Product + Service + R&D” has taken shape to provide first-class products and services to our customers.

      This new product has won customers’ favor since it was put into market. Sales data have shown that the production and sales volumes of P-TEC90003 has been in a rising trend.

Written by Ji Ting


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