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Tianhe Chemicals, comes back from Big Industry Event with Honors

      On November 9th, the three days’ event, 19th China International Lubricants and Technology Exhibition came to an end at the new International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Shanghai.

      At this exhibition, Tianhe Chemicals has once again shone with extraordinary splendor.

Opening Ceremony
Tianhe sales representatives are introducing products to customers.

      Among the products at the exhibition, there were marine cylinder oil packages and heavy duty gear oil packages along with gasoline and diesel engine oil packages...All of these products have shown our advantages in production and technology, which have been recognized by the participants. There’s no doubt that P-TEC 90003, the new API SN package product, has become a focus of many customers, and a series of key products, such as P-TEC 9100 and P-TEC 3232, have added luster to Tianhe Chemicals’ stand like shining stars.

Old and New Customers are chatting with sales representatives cheerfully.
Customers from foreign countries have shown strong interests in company’s products.

      Sales people introduced to customers again and again on the characteristics, performances, applications and other aspects of the products patiently. They hoped to provide customers with deeper understanding of Tianhe’s products, so as to lay strong foundation and create conditions for further cooperation relationship and market expansion.


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