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Tianhe Chemicals Insists on Safety Production And “Zero” Major Accidents for the Whole Year

      As a leading company in the industry, Tianhe Chemicals has always placed safety production at an important position and achieved “zero” major safety production accident for the whole year.

      According to the characteristics of production, each production plant of Tianhe Chemicals starts from grassroots level to have a pre-work safety meeting and during-work safety inspection by every shift every day. Regular safety training is organized in each production workshop; safety trainings and safety drills attended by all staff are organized in the factory from time to time. This has fully integrated the safety production concept into the whole production process and realized the alarm bell ringing in the true sense.

      On the basis of establishing and improving the enterprise safety profile, the company organizes large-scale safety inspection and rectification from time to time against potential safety hazards. Attention is paid to the tank farms, warehouses and pipelines, etc. which are examined strictly according to the rules and standards. Various safety hazards are eliminated by the immediate modification once it is discovered so that keeping security and safety risks under control can be achieved. In addition, the company has further strengthened the implementation of safety production responsibility system and rules & regulations, established a dual prevention mechanism for safety risk hierarchical control and potential risk screening and management as well as remediation plan for production accidents.

      The effective implementation of a series of measures provided comprehensive guarantee for the safety production of the company, and achieved “zero” major safety production accidents throughout the year.

Written by Ji Ting


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