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Tianhe Chemicals 2018 New Year Annual Party Countdown

      Tianhe Chemicals’ 2018 annual party enters the final countdown.

      Not only the programs are being rehearsed with more meticulous by each department, but also the staff responsible for the arrangement of annual party are preparing intensively.

      A few days ago, the preparatory team of the annual party came to the assembly hall of annual party to inspect the site and carry out the preliminary equipment testing in order to develop a preferred guarantee plan and provide basic guarantee for the annual party.

      The sign-in board of the annual party is the “highlight” before the opening of annual party. Last year, employees have jointly drawn a lush “Tianhe Tree”. This year, what kind of picture will be created by Tianhe staff?

      Tianhe employees are looking forward to the unveiling of company’s 2018 New Year’s Annual Party!

Written by Ji Ting


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