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DPF-TH Chemicals Speeds up Development through Improved Archive Management

      As an important information resource, enterprise archives are an integral part of a company’s intellectual properties. As an indispensable groundwork, these archives not only record the company’s production, technology, R&D, business and other various activities, but also, as an essential asset, carry the company’s history and indicate its development trend while playing an important role in the company’s business management, etc.

      DPF-TH organized all departments in the headquarters to file their documents while promoting the establishment of electronic archives as a way to improve archive management for a more institutionalized, standardized, normalized and informationized system.

      Technology, production, HR and other management departments have taken an active part in this job. Based on their responsibility scopes, separate filings have been done for a centralized retention and disposal. As of this date, file establishment work is basically done. Going forward, the company will gradually promote archive informatization.

      Archive building and management is an intrinsic demand for strengthening a company’s operation and management, which also plays a positive role in enhancing its overall management, safeguarding its interests, effectively avoiding market risk and keeping sound development. (Photo taken by production development)

Written by Ji Ting


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