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A General Membership Meeting Was Solemnly Held to Celebrate 95th Anniversary of CPC

      “Comrades, on the 95th Anniversary of Communist Party, the Company Party Committee hereby solemnly holds this general meeting……”

      At 10:00 AM of July 1st, 2016, the General Membership Meeting of Jinzhou DPF-TH Chemicals Co., Ltd. was held magnificently in the meeting room on the third floor in the Headquarters.

      This General Meeting was held in one main venue and two parallel venues simultaneously. More than  Members and Activists of party application participated in the General Meeting.

      Party Committee leaders announced the names that were awarded the honorary titles of “Two Advanced Party Units and One Excellent Party Member”, and presented the award to the advanced Party Branch, Party Group and outstanding Party Member representatives. 

      On the oath-taking ceremony, all Party Members held the right hand high and made the oath to the Party under the bright Party Flag. The new party members took a solemn oath with their breasts filled with emotions; the old members looked back at the solemn commitment and firm determination when they joined the party and kept the party’s tenet in their mind. Every affiant was filled with passions and ambitions.

      A representative of the new party members expressed their boundless love for the party in her speech. Her speech indicated that the new party member will be faithful to the Party organization, work hard and devote their whole life for the development of the party, the nation and the company.

      On behalf of all the party members, the secretary of the company party committee congratulated on the Party’s birthday.

      At the meeting, the company Party Committee gave a new requirement on all the Party members to carry out the “Party Building Studies” activity to study the party constitution and series speeches and act as a qualified party member.

      At the meeting, it was emphasized that the “Party Building Studies” activity is a requirement raised by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC). It’s a major initiative to manage the party in a strict way and strengthen the party in an all-round way, as well as a top priority for party building. Meanwhile, it’s significantly important for the improvement of the party construction work of non-governmental economic organizations, for playing a better role of fighting fortress by party organizations and the vanguard exemplary role of party members, for promoting healthy and sustainable development of the company, and for accelerating the realization of the enterprise's overall planning objectives, which will surely exert profound influence.

      Meeting urged that, the educational activities of party building studies carried out by the company should be combined with enterprise’s goal of "first-class service, first-class management, first-class talents and first-class performance". Four seminars, which will be closely combined with the characteristics of all positions, connected with personal thought, work, practical life, will be organized. Through learning and discussion, the understanding of the party members will be improved, the ideological gap should be identified and the effort direction will be defined. So as to be politically qualified, morally and functionally qualified and following regulations and disciplines.

      It’s pointed out in the meeting that the party organizations and party members should be synonymous with advanced thoughts and advanced productive forces. At work, study and in life, party members should take the lead, firm their ideals and beliefs, enhance party spirit cultivation, insist on honesty and self-discipline, faithfully fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of the members of the Communist Party, play a vanguard and exemplary role and the fighting fort effect for the party organization and add brilliance to the party flag.

Written by Ji Ting



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