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Tianhe Strengthen Safety Production Activities and Proactively Accept Inspection by Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau

      In order to ensure safe production during the “two sessions”, to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents, and to maintain business operation order, Tianhe strengthened safety production activities and proactively accepted the inspections by superior authorities. On the afternoon of March 8, 2019, more than 20 leaders and experts, from Yi-county, Jinzhou municipal and Liaoning provincial safety supervision authorities, visited Tianhe for an inspection on its safety production work during the “two sessions”.

      The company paid high attention to this event, and actively cooperated with government departments at all levels to fully implement the relevant requirements in the notice regarding safety production work during the “two sessions”, by carrying out a number of effective safety management system measures, to ensure the company's safety works are carried out in a practical, detailed, comprehensive and effective manner.

      After listening to the company’s report and carrying out the on-site inspection, the leaders and experts from Safety Supervision Department fully recognized the company’s safety work. At the same time, they put forward constructive opinions and suggestions, with an aim to urge the company to strengthen self-inspection and self-examination, and to comprehensively enhance employees’ awareness of safety and prevention.


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