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2017 Annual Work Summary and Model Workers and Advanced Workers Commendation Meeting Held by Jinzhou DPF-TH Chemicals Co., Ltd.

      In the afternoon of Feb. 8th, Annual Work Summary and Model Workers and Advanced Workers Commendation Conference for the year of 2017 were held by Jinzhou DPF-TH Chemicals Co., Ltd. in the meeting room of 6th floor (headquarters).

      Company leadership and all (headquarters) employees, subsidiaries and branch factory leaders and employee representatives attended the meeting.

      The overall operation of the company in 2017 had been summarized and new requirements had been raised for the work deployment in 2018.  

      In 2017, company’s production and operation work achieved excellent results. The management work of “fineness, preciseness and quantification” had been steadily boosted; production cost had been reduced, while yield had been increased with product quality kept stable; technology research and development achievements were gratifying; safety and environmental protection accident was zero; project construction was steadily moved forward.

      In the meeting, it was pointed out that 2017 was a year in which the company had been pushing forward, a year full of gratifying harvest, and also a year of accumulation of stamina. In 2017, the company vigorously boosted the management method of “fineness, preciseness and quantification”. Each branch factory, workshop and department further promoted this activity with full participation, based on the newly revised department responsibility, post responsibility and economic responsibility system. A statistical and transparent assessment system was established through fair, just and open evaluation. By upgrading the management, the company realized the goal of supervising staff by regulations and motivating staff by benefits in order to lay a solid foundation for building a first-class staff team and meet the requirements of “focusing on improving work efficiency and assuring of work quality with labor discipline, 6S field management and staff code of conduct being improved neck and neck” proposed by the company leadership. On the basis of stabilizing the domestic market, the company actively explored the international market, achieved the steady increase in sales volume and revenue from major international customers, the marketing work was highlighted by sales of packages. Branch factory had taken various measures to guarantee a smooth operation of equipment, reduce cost and stabilize yield, historical highest yield had been achieved for various products. The company’s management work on certification had been carried out in order, passing ISO9001, ISO9002 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental certification as well as GB/T28001 occupational safety certification. Many aspects had achieved excellent results, such as new product development, commercialization scale up, quality upgrading and product innovation, etc. Many new products successfully achieved commercialization and completed productivity transformation. The company successfully passed the national high-tech enterprise review. Adhered to the “people-oriented” purpose, the company had further improved the construction of facilities, increased investment continuously, strengthened management and achieved safe production without any safety, environmental and fire accidents throughout the year. The pace for project construction of the company was steady and periodic results had been achieved which, in the future, would surely become the new profit growth pole for the company.

      In the meeting, it was emphasized that 2018 is the first year of implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, a decisive year for building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and also a crucial year for the company’s all-round development. The company will continue to implement the main keynote of “seek improvement in stability”, take the requirements put forward by Chairman as purposes, conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the 19th Party Congress and the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, focus on economic benefits and guides by market demand, deeply implement “fineness, preciseness and quantification” management, with “six zeros” as the management philosophy and objectives, and focuses on the overall upgrade of the technical level, product quality, management capabilities and capital operation. As a result, seek improvement in stability, in change, in reality, in work and in unity shall be achieved. Establish an effective communication mechanism to achieve unified thinking, consistent actions and clear direction. “Success will be achieved by the common thinking of both upper and lower levels”. All employees shall be combined with the company into a community of destiny, never forget the initial heart and continue to move forward.

      On February 9th, commendation meeting continued to be held in Additive Plant. At the meeting, leadership highly praised the hard work of the front-line employees in the past year, and fully affirmed the efforts and achievements made by employees, such as ensuring the production, upgrading the technology, improving the process, operating precisely, saving energy and reducing consumption. It is hoped that employees would work harder in the New Year to show the cohesiveness and vitality of Tianhe with wisdom and sweat.

      The coming New Year is a year that opportunities and challenges coexist, a year of stress and responsibility, and also an extraordinary year in the development history of Tianhe. Under the leadership of Chairman, all employees shall emancipate the minds, inspire wisdom, improve standard, accurately find location, innovate practice, and work hard. With a solid work style and a good mental outlook, we will make the company stronger, the mechanism more flexible, the brand more excellent, we will set up a new milestone, draw a new blueprint, create a new speed and open a new future for Tianhe’s development with the hope of creating a new evergreen legend for Tianhe foundation.

      In the meeting, outstanding employees were commended and awarded as Advanced Group, Model Workers and Advanced Workers respectively.

Written by Ji Ting


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