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DPF-TH Becomes a Founding Member of China Standard Development & Innovation Union for Engine Oils

On the afternoon of 13 September, Signing Conference of Chinese National Standard Development & Innovation Union for Engine Oils was successfully held in Shanghai. 15 founding members of the council joined the meeting.

      The innovation union is composed of a number of domestic research institutions, major lubricant manufacturers and engine manufacturing enterprises etc., totally 15 council members, among which Jinzhou DPF-TH is one of the only two additive manufacturers.

During the signing conference, following the introduction of the preparation process and work plan for the union by the host, 4 council members delivered their speeches respectively. Jinzhou DPF-TH gave the first address Compliance is the Foundation for Tianhe Development.

      A brief introduction about DPF-TH’s advantages in technology, R&D and marketing was made in the speech, during which the company expressed its aspiration to provide the union members with additive technical services as a way to speed up the product development of mid and high end diesel engine oil additives, and to work together with the union to push ahead with all work smoothly.

      There were no self-established national standards for domestic engine oil industry before, and related foreign standards have been referred to by domestic manufacturers. Therefore, it has special significance to establish a set of technical standards accordingly. 

      As a result of Tianhe’s unceasing progress during the last two decades or so, the Company, as a founding member of this union to participate in the development of national standards, has shown its strength and proven its R&D and innovation capability. Being a part of this not only can encourage the Company to make quicker adjustments on product structures to seize opportunities and win markets, but it is also helpful to build the Company’s brand and raise its profile. Moreover, it also helps the Company to gain market recognition of its products, expand market shares and enhance its competiveness.

      China standard development & innovation union for engine oils was initiated by the Chinese society of internal combustion engine along with united China automobile engineering society, petrochemical standard council, as well as a group of experts from additive and lubricating oil industry, and engine OEMs etc., who have put their combined resources to establish the organization.


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