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Statistical Process Control Shows Good Effectiveness in the Quality Control Center of Tianhe Chemicals

      Tianhe Chemicals has carried out a comprehensive training on statistical process control (SPC) as an effective means for quality control, with the purpose to enable relevant departments to fully understand the important role played by statistical process control in the production process of an enterprise.

      The quality inspection center applies statistical process control to the work and selects the appropriate control chart according to the actual needs to complete the statistical process control graph. Employees monitor and analyze the data to determine whether the analysis is under control by observing the stability of measurement and determining whether it is necessary to adjust the measuring process. The data beyond the tolerance range is treated in time and the accuracy of work is confirmed by rechecking the problem points and viewing the graph which has ensured the timely analysis and accuracy of data. The application of statistical process control has showed significant effectiveness in the quality inspection work, which has become an important method for the quality inspection sector to achieve an effective quality control internally.

Written by Ji Ting


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