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Welcome and Celebrate the Chinese New Year—— Tianhe Chemicals Group Held the Annual Party for 2018

      Feb. 4th, comes the beginning of spring.

      When the spring came quietly, Tianhe Chemicals Group’s 2018 spring festival annual party kicked off in warm applauses and cheers.

      This is a happy gathering of colleagues from Tianhe Chemicals Group, and it is also a gorgeous platform provided by the company to all its employees. The employees from various departments jointly presented a feast of corporate culture for all Tianhe people.

      The company leader firstly gave a congratulatory message of Spring Festival to all employees. In 2017, Tianhe Chemicals overcame various unfavorable factors, achieved outstanding results in all aspect of work from production, R&D, operation to management. The company leader hoped that all employees should stay true to the mission and strive ahead in the coming New Year for the development of the company and the realization of the “four first-class” development goals.

      As the prelude of Annual Party, The New Year’s short film with abundant novelty and happiness from every departments of the company made the annual party filled with festive atmosphere in a short moment.

      Sing and song performances are the “highlight” of the annual party this year. Tianhe people full of youthful spirit showed their youthful enthusiasm on the stage through singing and dancing. The dance of “Chinese dragon” from Construction Department is full of passion; “Swan Goose” from Finance Department is elegant; “Creative Cup Dance” from English and France Translation Department is interesting; “Across Dimension Street Dance” from Network and Information Department has a lot of highlights; the song with dance from the Logistics Department “Country” expressed a deep feeling; the song with dance from subsidiary plant “Tianhe Eulogy by Qinqiang Opera” is full of enthusiasm and fervor. Language programs uses humorous acting style and funny language to bring endless joy to everyone. The elocnte “express emotion to Tianhe” from branch factory conveyed employees’ deep affection to the company; the comic dialogue “The Literati Anecdote” jointly acted by several departments brought both knowledge and fun; the San Juban “Talk About Quantification Management” took us to understand the footsteps of the company; the allegro “Tianhe My Home” from R&D Center presented to us with full content and novel form; opusculum “Mobile Phone Syndrome” from Chief Engineer Office sets people to think; the chorus brought by the headquarters, branch factory and subsidiary is magnificent.

      Selection of best performances for Annual Party is carried out through online platform. “Sevepanama” cooperated by Russian Translation Department and Procurement Department and “Healthy & Brave Tianhe People” from branch factory are selected as the best performances for song & dance section and language section respectively.

      Game session is easy and enthusiastic, and lucky draw session is intense and exciting. People are not only cheering for expectation to win, but also giving applause to the prize-winners.

      As evening arrived, Tianhe Chemicals 2018 Spring Festival Annual Party came to an end in the song of Ode to the Motherland.

      Tianhe people who never forget original aspiration will continue to do their best for the glory of Tianhe Chemicals, work hard with wisdom and sweat to write a magnificent chapter for development of the company.


Written by Ji Ting


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