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Introduction of Selected Tianhe Quality Product - Diesel Engine Oil Package P-TEC 3234

Complete range of components and advanced package formulations are a remarkable advantage of Tianhe Chemicals. The company’s R&D fellows have worked to maximize this advantage by developing a stream of packages independently with high-quality in-house components. P-TEC 3234, an economy diesel engine oil package, represents one of their R&D outcomes.

With excellent cleanliness and anti-wear properties, P-TEC 3234 has passed standard tests and engine tests in internationally recognized labs, exceeding the requirements of Cat 1MPC and Sequence VIII engine tests. Desirable results have been achieved for all related tests, including blending test, P&C tests, bench tests, and engine tests.

Benefiting from its stable quality and perfect after-sale service, P-TEC 3234 has won wide market acceptance, being well-sold in international markets such as Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa since it was released.

In addition, to better cater for customers, Tianhe Chemicals has offered a series of customized new and upgraded products of the same type, which helps the company gain more market share and expand its targeted market clusters. These products have not only won praise from end customers but also helped improve the company’s credibility while enhancing product reputation.

Written by Ji Ting


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