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No. 1 Branch Factory Carries out Staff Training to Cultivate Versatile Talents

      To satisfy the development requirement of our company and promote overall quality of staff team, No. 1 Branch Factory initiates the versatile talents training program, which emphasizes the skill training of production line posts with an objective to develop workers’ knowledge, skills and competency.

      Tianhe’s No. 1 Branch Factory has worked out a detailed training plan based on the actual production situation in each workshop, from systematic theories to practical operation, which focuses on main points of work and operation as well as equipment features of each workshop and post. Comprehensive and normative training materials have also been compiled. The training sessions are given by the excellent workers at the production line with high skill level and comprehensive theoretical knowledge. Complete on-job-trainings are given to workers at the production line in combination with operation videos of each post to enable the workers at production line master the main points of their own post operations, while getting familiar with and knowing well about the main points of the operations on each post in each workshop, so that workers with multiple skills can be delivered to different posts among production lines across the factory as required for better flexibility. and improve personnel training of versatile workers. The training program will lay a strong foundation for Company development via delivering versatile talents who are expert in one thing and good at many.

By Ji Ting


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