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Tianhe Chemicals Promotes Product Development through Innovated Evaluation Method

      As a national high and new technology enterprise, Tianhe Chemicals remains committed to technological innovation. We have paid more attention to product development and update in a way to improve our core competitiveness. Today, product portfolios, which are suitable for gas engine oil, diesel engine oil, gear oil and other oil products, have taken shape and are being updated.

      Engine tests cannot meet frequent verification needs during formulation development due to its shortages such as long test duration and high cost. In addition, the existing lab evaluation methods are not so helpful in guiding formulation development as they are limited by many factors.

      The R&D center in Tianhe Chemicals has worked together with foreign experts for new evaluation methods which can promote product development to win the market.

      The research fellows have determined a research direction by investigating and data inquiry combined with the existing test methods.

      Tianhe Chemicals has imported high-precision testing equipment for better research and development. The research personnel have eventually finalized evaluation conditions after repeated explores and hundreds of trials. Simulating tests with this method have guiding significance to the screen and update of new formulations. With shorter test duration and lower cost, the new method has not only provided powerful support in formulation development as they can meet the frequent verification needs, but also have set up confidence and accumulated experience for the establishment of new evaluation methods in future.

Written by Ji Ting


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