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Drawing Together for Beautiful Picture Scrolls and Opening Jointly for Magnificent Chapters ——Tianhe Chemicals Held the Annual Party for 2019

      On the afternoon of January 27th, 2019, Tianhe Chemicals held its annual party named Drawing Together for Beautiful Picture Scrolls and Opening Jointly for Magnificent Chapters in a joyous atmosphere.

      The leaders and employees of Tianhe Chemicals gathered together happily and harmoniously.

      After a short creative New Year Celebration Film, the Logistics Support Department performed a powerful and vigorous gongs and drums, which warmed up the venue atmosphere instantly.

      The VP of the company gave New Year’s greetings to all the employees. In 2018, Tianhe Chemicals has passed a remarkable year: diversified development has been steadily promoted; new product development has been reported frequently; operation and management were stable and orderly; and the staff team was united. In the new year, we will stay committed to sustainable development under the leadership of the board. The Spring Festival annual party is a good stage for Tianhe to show its enterprise culture, and for the employees to show their elegant demeanour, which presents a splendid feast for the audience.

      The dance “Win Instant Success” from Construction Department Expressed the good wishes to Tianhe people for the future; the crosstalk of “Excellency of Each Kind of Additive” from R&D Center was an intellectual and interesting program which introduced the advantages of Tianhe Chemical’s competitive products in a humorous language; “Just dance” from IT Department was energetic; the dubbing show from English and French Translation Department was full of wit and humor; “Flirting Scholar” from sales department was very joyful; “War thunder” from branch company has rendered humanity's kindness to the fullest; “Restaurant Anecdote” jointly presented by multi-departments was unbearably funny; finance department’s dance “Dream Frenzy” was full of fun; The comedy sketch by No.1 branch factory, “Battle of Wits against Street Racketeers” shew the wisdom and cleverness of Tianhe people.

      The stage was full of flowing lights and colors, and the auditorium was full of audience’s cheers and laughs: the chorus was magnificent; song with dance was graceful; crosstalk and sketches were hilarious; Guzheng solo was melodious; poetry recitation was full of affection; modern dance was bursting with passion; Indian dance was charming; the game session was appealing and wonderful; the lucky draw session was exciting. Happy laughter and warm applause filled the entire party.

      The annual party ended in the chorus of “Without the Communist Party, there would be no new China”, and “Loyal to the party”.

      In the new year with hopes and challenges, we are full of fighting spirit and passion, and working together to paint Tianhe’s bright blueprint and to jointly develop a gorgeous section in the prosperous times.

By Ji Ting



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