No.1 lubricant additive manufacturer in China and the sole fluorocarbon alcohol manufacturer utilizing telomerization process across the world.

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Lubricant Additives

The successfully developed product technologies for dozens of new products have filled the gaps in domestic industry, and become the world’s leading technologies. Most of the products are self-developed.

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Special Fluorides

The unique owner of fluorocarbon alcohol technology in China; The world’s unique manufacturer of fluorocarbon alcohol via innovative telomerization process; The fourth owner of fluorocarbon alcohol technology across the world

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Technical Strength

The company is equipped with a high-level R&D team, consisting of a group of top scientist and experts at home and abroad, which has formed the powerful technical strength of the Company. It has also established a series of supporting research institutions and laboratories. New products and dozens of technologies developed by us have filled the gaps in domestic industry with most of them being the leading technologies across the world.

Lubricant Additives

We are the sole manufacturer of long chain linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid in China. As a successful substitute of imported goods, the product has filled a domestic gap. Our products, such as long chain (C20-C24) linear alkyl benzene calcium sulfonates (T104A,T105A,T106A,T106D), ash-less dispersants (T151A,T154A,T161A,T154B), antioxidant T501, extreme pressure antiwear additive T330, and others, are all at top level in China and enjoy leading position internationally in terms of process technology, quality, and capacity etc. Wide varieties of products have filled domestic gaps, and have been exported overseas.

Special Fluorides

Fluorocarbon alcohol is a top tier product in fluorine chemical industry. With our successful development of this product, China, following the US and Japan, has become the third country that produces fluorocarbon alcohol via telomerization process. Our telomerization process technology is a unique world's leading one based on moderate temperature and moderate pressure, and no other manufacturer in the world owns this technology.

Characteristics of perfluoro telomer

World’s top tier fluorocarbon alcohol technology

The common properties of fluorocarbon series products include heat resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance, non-sticky performance, low friction and etc.
Fluorocarbon alcohol series products have been widely applied in textile, chemical, aerospace, navigation and other industries. The annual turnover of perfluoroalkyl series products in the American market only is up to $ 1.6 billion. At present, water and oil resistant finishing agent used in domestic industry are all imported from abroad.

As the owner of the completely self-developed proprietary technology, our company is one of the few companies which are able to produce fluorocarbon alcohol product, following DuPont and the Japanese company Daikin. The quality of our products fully meets DuPont standards as appraised by foreign experts. Now, the Company has become the second largest fluorocarbon alcohol manufacturer in the world only next to DuPont.

Purchasing and Consulting

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