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C-TEC 720 is a high molecular weight ester designed to impart lubricity in straight cutting oils and soluble oil systems. This product is thermally stable and can be used to replace chlorine fully or partially depending on the application. It is able to synergise with pentasulfides and when used in combinations, reduces wear appreciably and in most cases additional antiwear agents like phosphate esters are not required. The product is multi metal compatible. Formulation containing C-TEC E720 does not need fatty acids.
C-TEC 720 can be used to effectively formulate a variety of neat cutting oils, soluble oils, industrial oils, sugar mill lubricants, two cycle engine oils, rolling oils (Steel / Non Ferrous).


ItemSpecificationTest method
AppearanceViscous liquidVisual
Density, kg/m3, at 29.5℃970.0 ~ 1100.0ASTM D 4052
Kinematic Viscosity, mm2/s, at 100 ºC250.0 ~ 350.0ASTM D 445
Total acid number, mgKOH/g≤15.0ASTM D 974
Sap No. , mgKOH/g≥300ASTM D 91
Solubility 10% in 150SNBright & clearVisual

1. It is packed in 200 liter metal drums. Store in dry, clean and well ventilated warehouses.
2. Recommendation: the highest handling temperature should not exceed 66 ºC (150 ºF); long-term storage temperature should not exceed 38 ºC (100 ºF).
3. For the details of health and safety precautions, please see the related Material Safety Data Sheet.


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