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We hold the concept of "Caring for Environment, Caring for Life" as guiding principle, to harmonize the five elements, to provide humanity with a better life.

Focus on high-end market, lead fine chemicals industry

Tianhe Chemicals grew out of Yixian Fine Chemicals Factory which started business in 1992;

in 1998,Liaoing Tianhe Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. was established, with the registration capital of RMB100,000,000;

in 2007, Tianhe Chemicals Group came into existence consisting of four companies, five key production foundations and three R&D centers, which are Jinzhou DPF-TH Chemicals Co., Ltd., Fuxin Hentong Fluorine Co., Ltd., North China Petrochemicals Co., Ltd., Sino Asia Petrochemicals & Technology Co.,

Ltd., Western Hill production foundation, Bawangzhuang production foundation, Haizhou production foundation, North China chemicals production foundation(Jinzhou economic and technical development zone), Sino Asia Petrochem production foundation(Qinzhou economic and technological development zone) and DPF-TH Fine Chemicals Engineering Technology Center,etc.

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